Galloping Heart

Galloping heart,

running towards desire

knows only love

can’t get much higher.

Galloping heart

compelled to open

naively giving

blind to the end.

Galloping heart

oblivious in bliss

pull the reigns, damn fool

something is amiss.

Galloping heart

don’t get carried away

stop before you start

love, some other day.

Galloping heart

headed for the cliff

fearful of the part

render yourself stiff.

Galloping heart

pulling steady to a whoa

so far apart

there is nowhere to go.

Galloping heart

oblivious to your canter

steady your walk

least you end up in slaughter.

Galloping heart

compelled to connect

aim your dart

the bow is set.

Galloping heart

though your aim be true

remember the mark

must also love you.






The more I Know, the more I don’t know.

The More I think I know, it seems, the more I realize I know nothing at all.

I thought that when I voted for Obama, that my job in Early Childhood as a  Parent as Teacher Educator was secured.  It was not.  One year later, the funding was cut along with my beloved position.   I was wrong.

I knew when I married the Love of my life that we would be together forever.  Both of our parents are united till death do they part. We were just the right amount of similar and different to make it work.  We most certainly would beat the odds.  I was wrong.

I knew that I would retire from working as a School Social Worker.    I excelled at helping others find success and enjoyed 23 years in service.   When the administration no longer valued what was best for children and changed their directives to suite their financial  values,  I was forced to jump that sinking ship before it sucked down my soul; seven year before any pension eligibility.

I know that God does for me that which I cannot do for myself.  I hope I am not wrong.

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey

I just listened to a Ted Talk pod cast regarding the Hero’s Journey.  It reminded me of the Celtic Shamanism practice of finding one’s own unique heart song.  I’ve always loved this premise.  Ever since watching Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyer discuss the Power of Myth on PBS in the 90’s.  Did you know that Joseph Campbell and George Lucas were friends? The original Star Wars was an exact illustration of all the stages of the Hero’s Journey.

I am a sucker for all Hero’s Journey stories, from Harry Potter to Moana. I used to think this was an experience for the chosen few.  As I embark on my own quest for my soul’s purpose, I realize that we are all entitled to the adventure.  We are all on a Hero’s Journey, right now!   Just being born is is a call to adventure.  Where we navigate the known and unknown.  We meet teachers, good and bad.  We transform, atone and return to Source.

I have been blessed with some amazing Mentors on my journey.  Some that taught me in person and some that taught me from a distance.  In my work as a private practice Psychotherapist, I hope to help others navigate their Hero’s Journey in the most authentic way possible.

Celtic Reconstructionism

a year and a day…

The Celtic Journey

Neopaganism is a recent movement which is a modern take on ancient practices.  It is an umbrella term that can include a variety of traditions or practices from different cultures, such as Celtic, Norse, Germanic, Slavic, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian.

Definitions of paganism are hard because pagans mostly do not operate within a centralised religious body or follow a standard set of rules.  However a few common threads tie together pagan movements, including the belief that everything is sacred and blessed, and everything is interconnected.  Most pagan traditions are earth-centered, recognize both male and female deities, and stress a connection to and respect for the natural world.  They are also mostly animistic (believing everything in the world has a spiritual presence) and polytheistic (meaning they believe in many gods or deities).

Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism is a polytheistic reconstructionist approach to Celtic Neopaganism.  Celtic Reconstructionism recognizes a number of sub-traditions or…

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Spinning Lotus


In my last Shamanic  Journey session, I had been given the 3 symbols. The symbol for my Soul, my higher Self’s symbol of my soul, and the symbol that refers to my higher Self. Research on those symbols led me to learn about Buddha, Hathor, and Crop Circles. They have more in common that one would assume.

Then, I made an alter with those symbols and have spent time every morning and night with that alter.  Typically, I just sit next to the alter and meditate.  I do Transcendental Meditation.  This morning I was given a reference for a “spinning Lotus that makes a wake”.  I googled “Spinning Lotus”.  Turns out there is a salon in California that offers cycling and yoga classes.  There is also a candle one can purchase for celebrations appropriately called the Spinning Lotus Candle.

The Lotus, as you may already know, is the symbol of spiritual enlightenment in every day drudgery.   A Chop wood and carry water kind of thing.  I’m still not totally sure what the “wake” part is all about,  but some how my soul’s symbol is a thing in motion.  Perhaps we all are.   Everything we do and say causes a ripple.  Every action has a positive and/or negative reaction, so some say.

Is it possible that every thought we think has a ripple effect as well?   I believe that it is entirely possible and I wonder if this is some how tied to what my soul is on this earth to accomplish?  Is is possible that the simple act of engaging in a cosmic conversation via Shamanic Journey Work has a ripple effect?

As we begin 2017 my intention is to continue the conversation as I have done for the last three years only this year, I will blog about it and share the conversation with any one who cares to get caught in the ripple.

Sadness in St Louis, for the loss in Olando.

My heart is breaking. What will it take for the human race to understand that we are all one and act accordingly? God does not judge, people do. Are we condemned to life of violence just because we forget that we are all connected. Imagine what we could accomplish as a human race (7 Billion strong) if we treated each other with tolerance, respect, and love? My heart aches with the loss of beautiful potential; The innocents gunned down and the mad man who must have lived in a waking hell.